Safe-sil products are designed to comply with user’ s purposes. Product raw material from Applied Silicone, Implant Grade Liquid Silicone Rubber(LSR), have been proved its safety by Master Access files registered in U.S Food and Drug Administration and it is tested to meet ISO 10993-1 biocompatibility guidelines.

Safe-sil is manufactured with such safety proven raw material under strictly controlled and maintained quality management system from product design to final manufacturing process in accordance with ISO 13485 and biological, chemical and physical standard conformity is also proven by quality inspection.

Nasal Splint

Sun Nasal Splint helps patients after fracture or nasal surgery to recover normal shape and position. This also prevent from injury of the surgical region may occur from external shock during any outside activities.


Facial Silicone Implant

Sun Silicone Implant is hand carved product and is made of lmplantech Silicone Block(USA). This product is manufactured in various sizes, shape and hardness and relatively rough surface is distinction of this product.